2021 Spring Season - Guidance for Team Transition into Tournament Play

Marietta, Georgia (Cobb County)

6-4-3 DP Baseball - COVID-19 Protocol - 2021 Spring Season

Despite our yearnings for a “normal” 2021 baseball season, the path through the spring remains challenging and different from what we prefer.  

Here is what we know about the current environment:

  • January was a record-setting month in Georgia for key metrics of the pandemic – new cases, new deaths, and testing positivity (Source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center).
  • Community spread of the virus in the metro Atlanta area continues after a sharp increase of cases following the winter holiday season.
  • Unlike the tail-end of the 2020 spring school semester, many students are now back in classroom settings and are dealing with close contact scenarios.
  • Coronavirus variants are known to be in the United States.  This could prove to be a complicating factor of the pandemic.
  • Vaccine distribution is underway in Georgia, yet many 6-4-3 families and staffers are months away from their turn “in line” due to young/middle ages.
  • Over the last few days, national trends related to the pandemic have statistically improved and give us some optimism for better days ahead. 

Here is what we know about the upcoming baseball tournament season:

  • Scrimmage games and tournament play are upon us.
  • Not all players want to wear masks/face coverings during games.
  • Outside teams may not be taking the cautious and prudent approach to team interactions like 6-4-3.
  • Different parks that you visit for tournaments will likely have varying disinfecting protocols and levels of cleanliness. 

What must we do now?  What are our collective next steps?

For 6-4-3 practices Monday through Thursday, our existing protocols will remain in place for the foreseeable future:

  1. Masks/face coverings will be worn by all 6-4-3 players, coaches, parents, lesson takers and staff while at 6-4-3’s Aviation Complex until further notice.  This applies to both OUTDOOR and INDOOR activities. 
  2. If parents wish to observe practice from the bleachers or fence line, parents will wear masks/face coverings. 

For weekend tournament play, we strongly recommend the following:

Note: we believe common sense rules the day.

  1. Have a team backpack or bag with hand sanitizer for use in pre-game, post-game, and between innings. In the team bag, have disposable masks in case players forget their own.  In the team bag, also have disinfectant wipes and gloves for sanitizing dugout benches and other shared surfaces (Note: this quick task could be handled by a coach, parent, or team captain prior to the game starting).
  2. 6-4-3 players and coaches will wear masks/face coverings during batting practice and pregame routines.
  3. 6-4-3 players and coaches will wear masks/face coverings in the dugout when not on-field.
  4. 6-4-3 players and coaches will wear masks/face coverings in post-game huddles.
  5. If a player wishes to wear a mask/face covering on the field during competition, that is his choice/his family’s choice. 

Reminder: COVID-19 Exposure Protocol for 6-4-3 Teams

If a player is exposed to COVID-19 (or potentially exposed, a.k.a. a close contact) in his community, school, family, or other environment, that player will be required to sit out of all 6-4-3 baseball activity until proper testing and/or quarantine duration is completed per CDC guidelines (likely 8-14 days). 

If a team is exposed by a player on the roster or coach testing positive for COVID-19, the entire group will be required to shut down all team activity until proper testing and/or quarantine duration is completed per CDC guidelines (likely 14 days). 

To review current CDC guidelines that 6-4-3 will use for COVID-19 scenarios, please click here.  Note: If CDC guidelines change in the future, so will 6-4-3’s.  

Our goals remain simple: 1) do all that we possibly can as a baseball family to keep one another healthy, and 2) allow as many practices and games as possible for the players this spring season. 

Thanks in advance for your teamwork and willingness to care for one another.  The next few months will require a collective and disciplined effort by all.  Hang in there with the frustration and inconvenience!  Stay vigilant about your health!  Together, we will give our players the best chance for a successful baseball season. 

All the best,

The Staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball