6-4-3 DP Baseball academy practice to resume cautiously in small groups

To all current 6-4-3 academy team members:

6-4-3 is cautiously planning to resume baseball activity with our academy teams next week.  Starting on Monday May 11, teams will follow a revised schedule that allows for partial roster practices.  Teams will workout in small groups of no more than 6-8 players (with two coaches).  Each small group will have the field and respective cages to themselves.  Each team will have multiple practice windows to allow all its players to participate via small groups.  6-4-3 teams will practice in this fashion until further notice.  On a regular and daily basis, 6-4-3’s staff will constantly disinfect high touch areas around the entire facility. 6-4-3’s staff will also constantly monitor, improve upon, and alter the practice plan and protocol for team practice as necessary. 

Click here for a detailed list of new protocols for the start of small group team practice on May 11.

Click here for social distancing specifics our coaches are expected to follow.

 Our simple goals for academy team activity at this time:

  1. Resume the spring season with training and development as the initial focus
  2. Proceed with caution in a small group setting
  3. Operate with a new protocol to maintain maximum safety and hygiene for all involved
  4. Learn to distance players from one another on a baseball field like never before

Several details you need to know:

  1. School conflicts could exist in the first several weeks of this resumption plan, and some players may miss practice opportunities.  That is 100% OK!
  2. Some families may opt to wait longer to resume baseball activities.  That is 100% OK!  We are living in strange and uncomfortable times.  6-4-3 and our coaches will support any family’s decision to do what is best for their household.
  3. In order for small group practice to resume, we all are going to have to sacrifice our preferred routine and do things differently. 

Next steps to prepare for the return to the practice field:

  1. Return a completed waiver to 6-4-3.
  2. Stay in close communication with your business manager and head coach for your team details.

Please contact jay.andrews@643dpathletics.com, danny.pralgo@643dpathletics.com, or david.carr@643dpathletics.com with any questions or concerns in this time of transition.  Thank you in advance for your adherence to the new ways of doing baseball in 2020.

The Staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball