Baseball homework for players during COVID-19 virus concern and interruption

Marietta, Georgia (Cobb County)

Baseball homework?  That’s right.  Because we cannot get on the field or in a cage together right now, it does not mean you have to stop working on your game.  Yes, it might take some creativity.  But you can do baseball drills and work on your craft at home while adhering to public health guidelines.  Grab a sibling or parent and work on some drills once a day.  Find a parent approved space and do drills on your own.  Don’t stop working.

For at-home drill tips, play a video message from 6-4-3’s Danny Pralgo and Jamaal Hawkins.

We would love to see video of your home drills!  Please tag @643dpathletics on your social media posts and use #643stillworking!  Together we will build a 6-4-3 workout community online.

In this extraordinary time, be sure to find space in your routine for baseball homework and other important tasks.  We will be posting more drill video content in the coming days.  *For those interested, our friends and partners at The Sports Rehabilitation Center are hosting a free baseball “shoulder conditioning” program presentation tomorrow (3/26) @ 1:30pm live on Facebook.  Click here to access.


The Staff of 6-4-3 DP Baseball