Recognition of members of The 6-4-3 Foundation's Founder's Club

The Founder’s Club was an initial year opportunity for supporters of The 6-4-3 Foundation.  The Founder’s Club included two groups: Starting 9 and 25 Man Roster.  The Founder’s Club is a special group of people who helped The 6-4-3 Foundation get established and initially funded.  It is a pleasure to recognize the group of donors that literally allowed The 6-4-3 Foundation to get started through their generosity and support. 

Founder’s Club Members

Starting 9:

The Davis Family                             The Novack Family                        Georgia Commerce Bank (now IBERIABANK)

The Polhemus Family                     Ashley and Andrew Jones             Kelly and Mike Price

The Merrigan Family                       The Woods/Blaylock Family          6-4-3 DP Athletics, LLC


25 Man Roster:

The Avitabile Family                         The Hornstra Family                    Renee and Dennis Bakal                           

New Balance Athletic Shoe             Mary and Chip Benton                The Olim Family

Steve and Lori Cannon/State Farm Insurance & Financial Services

The Peljovich Family                        Anila and Afroz Painter               The Family of Robert deGolian                                     

Rawlings Sporting Goods               The Croft Family                            Kathy and David Rubenstein

Hadley and Suzy Engelhard           William M. Small, Jr. Family          The Flor Family                                       

The DePiero Family                         The Hodges Family                        The Hall Family

The Shadday Family                        Tonya and Brian Early                   The York Family

The Waters Family                           David B. Carr                                  James B. and Leigh Ann Livaditis