Making An Impact: The 6-4-3 Foundation Invests in Student-Athletes

Making An Impact: The 6-4-3 Foundation Invests in Student-Athletes

Marietta, Georgia (Cobb County)

With the help of generous supporters, The 6-4-3 Foundation is working diligently to make a positive impact in our community and model charitable behavior for the young people in our midst. The mission of The 6-4-3 Foundation is to enhance the lives of children and families through sports.

Since the earliest days of The 6-4-3 Foundation’s existence, a focus on scholarship assistance programs has been important and strategic to our mission. The Foundation has steadily grown its merit-based scholarship, 6-4-3 need-based scholarship, and non-6-4-3 need-based scholarship initiatives.

Since 2014, seven Kelly and Mike Price merit-based scholarships have been granted to graduating 6-4-3 high school seniors to assist with their college academic expenses.  To date, a total of $10,500 has been disbursed to outstanding applicants inside 6-4-3’s academy.

Since 2014, 23 need-based scholarships have been granted to 6-4-3 academy players (ages 8-18) through a standard application and eligibility protocol. To date, a total of $19,700 has been given to qualified players inside 6-4-3’s academy to help with team and/or academy related expenses.

Over the last two years, a total of $3,900 has been granted for need-based scholarships to youth athletes outside of the 6-4-3 population. The 6-4-3 Foundation has partnered with two local non-profits, H.A.S. Foundation and The Dave Krache Foundation, to help provide recreational sports opportunities for youth in families facing financial challenges. With the help of our partners and your worthwhile support, The 6-4-3 Foundation hopes to significantly grow this area of impact in the coming years. 

Thank you to the many individuals, families, and businesses that have donated so generously in recent years to The 6-4-3 Foundation.  In doing so, the above-mentioned scholarship initiatives have been made possible. Will you help us continue to make a positive impact in our community? Will you help us grow our scholarship initiatives?  Please click here to support The 6-4-3 Foundation's scholarship assistance programs.

Note: The 6-4-3 Foundation, the charitable arm of 6-4-3 DP Athletics, operates as an independent entity. The 6-4-3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Georgia not-for-profit corporation. The foundation focuses on three primary areas of charitable support: scholarship assistance programs, community improvement and outreach efforts, and volunteer service projects.