Historic number of 6-4-3 DP Baseball players selected in 2017 MLB Draft

Historic number of 6-4-3 DP Baseball players selected in 2017 MLB Draft

Marietta, Georgia -

Since its creation in 2007, 6-4-3 DP Baseball has experienced many reasons to celebrate and many “firsts” to share.  In our short existence as a best-in-class baseball academy, 189 student-athletes (and counting) from 6-4-3 have earned the opportunity to play collegiate baseball.  In addition, thirteen (13) total players within the 6-4-3 organization have been selected in the MLB Draft from 2008-2016.  

The 2017 MLB Draft held last week over June 12-14 was another historic and monumental event for the players of 6-4-3 DP Baseball.  More 6-4-3 players were selected in the 2017 draft than in any previous draft.  For the first time in the 6-4-3 organization’s history, eight players (HS and college) were selected in the same draft.  Six of those players were juniors or seniors in college.  Two of those players were high school seniors.  2017 is the fifth consecutive year that a 6-4-3 player/alum has been drafted.  To date, twenty-one players from within the 6-4-3 organization (including 2017 draftees) have been selected in the MLB Draft.    

6-4-3 extends a hearty congratulations to the following 6-4-3 players taken in the 2017 MLB Draft:  

Drew Waters - Etowah High School senior OF - pictured above with 6-4-3's David Carr (L) and Danny Pralgo (R)

Sean Guenther - University of Notre Dame junior LHP

Sam Fuller - Whitefield Academy senior RHP

Jonathan Pryor - Wake Forest University senior OF

Connor Johnstone - Wake Forest University senior RHP

Jackson Lourie - Rhodes College senior RHP

Charlie Madden - Mercer University senior C

Jim Voyles - Florida State University senior RHP

6-4-3 would also like to congratulate former players, Evan Steele and Kyle Jacobsen, who were also selected in the 2017 MLB Draft.
The 2017 MLB Draft was significant and historic in the following ways for 6-4-3 and its players. 

2017 marks the first time in 6-4-3 DP Baseball history that eight (8) players (high school seniors or alums in college) were selected in the same MLB Draft.  Note: Previous high total was 4 players (2016 draft).

2017 marks the first time in 6-4-3 DP Baseball history that six (6) 6-4-3 alums in the college ranks were selected in the same MLB Draft.  Five of the six were from 6-4-3’s talented class of 2013.  2017 marks the fourth time in 6-4-3 history that multiple college players were selected in the same MLB Draft:

2017 – Sean Guenther (7th Round, Miami Marlins), Jonathan Pryor (19th Round, Washington Nationals), Connor Johnstone (21st Round, Atlanta Braves), Jackson Lourie (24th Round, Atlanta Braves), Charlie Madden (24th Round, Boston Red Sox), and Jim Voyles (38th Round, St. Louis Cardinals) 

2016 – Josh Merrigan (10th Round, Texas Rangers) and Charlie Madden (25th Round, Chicago White Sox)

2015 – Stephen Moore (10th Round, Atlanta Braves) and Zack Bowers (24th Round, San Francisco Giants)

2013 – Kent Emanuel (3rd Round, Houston Astros) and Jared Breen (24th Round, Baltimore Orioles)

2017 marks the third time in 6-4-3 DP Baseball history that two 6-4-3 players were selected out of high school in the same draft:  

2017 – Drew Waters (2nd Round, Atlanta Braves) and Sam Fuller (14th Round, Angels)

2016 – Matt Rowland (11th Round, Atlanta Braves) and Grayson Harbin (35th Round, New York Mets)

2010 - Kent Emanuel (19th Round, Pittsburgh Pirates) and Andrew Smith (40th Round, Oakland A's)

2017 marks the third time a 6-4-3 player was drafted twice in his career:

Charlie Madden (2016 - 25th Round, Chicago White Sox; 2017 - 24th Round, Boston Red Sox)

Kent Emanuel (2010 – 19th Round, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2013 – 3rd Round, Houston Astros)

Mathew Price (2008 - 34th Round, Atlanta Braves; 2010 – 8th Round, Boston Red Sox)

2017 marks the third consecutive year in 6-4-3 DP Baseball history that a 6-4-3 player was selected by our hometown team - the Atlanta Braves - in the MLB Draft:

2017 – Drew Waters, OF; Connor Johnstone, RHP; Jackson Lourie, RHP

2016 – Matt Rowland, RHP

2015 – Stephen Moore, RHP

The 2017 MLB Draft also witnessed Drew Waters becoming the highest drafted 6-4-3 player in the organization’s history.  Drew was taken 41st overall by the Atlanta Braves.  Note: Kent Emanuel was taken 74th overall in the 2013 MLB Draft and is now the 2nd highest drafted player in 6-4-3’s history.  Sean Guenther was selected this year with the 209th overall pick and is now the 3rd highest drafted player in 6-4-3’s history.


Being selected in the MLB Draft is a tremendous accomplishment and honor for hardworking, talented, and dedicated young men and their supportive families. The MLB Draft also offers a tremendous source of pride for the 6-4-3 DP Baseball organization when one our own is validated with an opportunity to become a professional baseball player.  6-4-3 is incredibly proud of all these young men.  A special recognition goes to 6-4-3's class of 2013 that now holds the title of high school graduating class with the most drafted players (6 total as Charlie Madden was drafted in both 2016 and 2017).

Prior to this year’s draft selections, 6-4-3 has proudly witnessed thirteen players earn a selection in the MLB Draft:

Year Player High School Round Team
2016 Josh Merrigan, OF Walton 10th  Texas Rangers (A)
2016 Matt Rowland, RHP Pope 11th Atlanta Braves (A)
2016 Charlie Madden, C Dunwoody 25th Chicago White Sox
2016 Grayson Harbin, RHP Allatoona 35th New York Mets
2015 Stephen Moore, RHP Walker   10th Atlanta Braves *Fulfilling Military Service (A)
2015 Zach Bowers, C Harrison 24th San Francisco Giants (A)
2015 Chris Cullen, C West Forsyth 38th Oakland Athletics *Currently at South Carolina
2015 Dylan Kelly, C Centennial FA Arizona Diamondbacks
2014 Michael Branigan, C Forsyth Central 22nd Arizona Diamondbacks
2013 Kent Emanuel, LHP Woodstock 3rd Houston Astros (A)
2013 Jared Breen, SS Sprayberry 23rd Baltimore Orioles
2010 Mathew Price, RHP Walker 8th Boston Red Sox
2010 Andrew Smith, RHP Roswell 40th Oakland Athletics
2009 Derek Thomas, OF Roswell 44th Boston Red Sox

Key: (A)- Active Status         FA- Free Agent Signee