6-4-3 DP Athletics Child Protection Policy - Overview

Summary Statement:

6-4-3 DP Athletics believes that we must create a safe haven for all the children and youth in our care, empowering them through trust and protecting those who are powerless. 

Child Protection Policy (click to read)

1. Parent Permission Form

2. Reporting & Response Team:

Anyone personally witnessing any occurrence of or encountering a situation that presents suspicion of the occurrence of a Prohibited Act, as stated in 6-4-3’s Child Protection Policy, is required to report any questionable circumstances, observation, act, omission, or situation thought to be in violation of this Policy.

Any report of child abuse made by a minor about their care by a parent, guardian, minor, adult, or 6-4-3 staff employee or volunteer, despite how unlikely such report may seem, must be relayed to the Response Team* immediately after the occurrence.
*The Response Team is comprised of Danny Pralgo (404.513.6350), David Carr (678-520-7334), and Jay Andrews (404.281.2285). Please contact the Response Team with any issues or concerns.

3. Concussion Policy (click to read)

A. Clip board resource for coaches

B. Resources for parents and athletes

C. Additional information on concussions from the CDC