Call for Help: Hurricane Disaster Response for Puerto Rico

Call for Help:  Hurricane Disaster Response for Puerto Rico
Marietta, Georgia -
From now until Friday, October 20, The 6-4-3 Foundation, the charitable arm of the 6-4-3 organization, will be collecting donations to be transported to Puerto Rico.  Aviation Sports Complex in Marietta will be a collection site for donated essential items: bottled water, diapers and insect repellent.  Drop-off location signs will be posted near 6-4-3’s office building.
A message from 6-4-3's Coach Nelson Pedraza and wife Cori (pictured at right):
“As you all know, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico three weeks ago and left behind massive destruction. Thousands of people were stripped of their homes and possessions. In addition, the lack of power/electricity, water, cell towers for communication, and food has created a humanitarian crisis on the island that has never been seen before. On top of all that, the weather and continued rain is increasing flooding and, hence, becomes salt on a very large, open wound. The Puerto Rican community is doing their best to stay strong and they will come back stronger.  However, your help is needed now more than ever. Please join us in supporting those who are not able to support themselves right now. Every little bit counts! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”