Special Statement from 6-4-3

6-4-3 DP Baseball is an organization that demands excellence from all of its players, from ages 8U to 18U. Excellence is not only achieved through success on the field, but also through the words and actions of the young men in our Academy off the field.

Without question and without exception, our organization unequivocally rejects all forms of discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, and damaging language. We are driven by our belief in fair play, equality, and empathy. 

Last week, a 6-4-3 player made inappropriate and unacceptable comments on his social media account.  The player has been held accountable and reprimanded by the organization.

Neither our student-athletes nor the organization as a whole are perfect, but we are committed to improving, listening, and growing into better versions of ourselves. We will continue to hold ourselves and our players accountable for their words and actions.