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6-4-3 DP Baseball continues a partnership with Rapid Sports Performance to provide excellent strength, speed, and agility resources for our academy players (particularly our high school age players).  Rapid Sports Performance, with locations in Woodstock and Roswell, Georgia, is recognized as the area's elite level strength and speed training facility that caters to baseball players wanting to elevate their skills to the next level.  To illustrate:

  • 33 MLB/MiLB Players trained from NOV 2017 through FEB 2018, including 2-time NL All-Star, Charlie Blackmon
  • Consulted for Georgia Tech Baseball by evaluating and prescribing a comprehensive strength training and arm care program for 20 pitchers
  • Seven (7) Rapid clients were selected in the 2018 MLB Draft (3 of 7 being 1st round candidates)

Rapid Sports Performance is proud to provide online tools and resources for 6-4-3 coaches and players to learn more about strength and speed training, exercises, stretches, and nutrition.  Please view the information and videos below to learn more about the offerings and expertise of Rapid Sports Performance.  

Performance Training Information:

To access training resources, tips and videos powered by Rapid Sports Performance, please click on the links below.  The password is "Rapidvideo".


Active Warm-up Arm Care Pre Throw Post Throw Cool Down  Acceleration Drills
Warmup The Bear Finger Pulls Childs Pose W Lat Stretch Wall Drills
  Banded PNF FCU Stretch Three Way Hamstrings Stretch Banded Partner March
  Wall Slides @ 135 w Liftoff Palm Press W Rotation Side Lying Windmill Banded Partner High Knee Run 
  Supine Shoulder Flexion  No Money Drill Adductor Stretch 1/2 Kneeling Start
  All Fours Belly Lift  Scap Pinch to Forearm Press Piriformis Stretch Lateral 1/2 Lateral
  Supine IR Back, Taps, & 90/90 Flaps Bretzel Cross Over step
  1/2 Kneeling ER Hold vs Wall Window Washers True Hip Flexor Stretch  


Nutrition Notes

Foam Roller Use


To learn more about Rapid Sports Performance, visit www.rapidsportsperformance.com.